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"Excellence" by the 2012 CEC RWWS classes

[ About Mr. Smith ]

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. After I graduated high school in 2004, I studied for one year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, then transferred to UNC Chapel Hill when I decided I didn't want to be a computer engineer. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2008, then went on to get my Master of Arts in Teaching in 2009 from the UNC School of Education. As part of my master's program, I student taught at Carrboro High School. (If you're interested in seeing my master's portfolio and/or resume, you can view them online here.) My first year of teaching, the 2009-2010 school year, was spent at Pamlico County High School. Prior to teaching, my jobs included working the customer service desk at a grocery store and building corn mazes at my uncle's farm in New York. In the rare moments that I'm not working, I like to read, play the drums, get involved in theatre, take pictures, listen to music, run, play disc golf, snowboard, and watch movies.

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Instructor email:
Phone: 252.637.5706

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[ Class Schedule ]

All classes are in room 115 of the Mary Dale Bender Continuing Education Center on the Craven Community College campus (on the corner of Glenburnie Road and College Court).
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Monday - Thurdsay
9:00 - 9:25
9:30 - 10:40
World Dynamics
10:45 - 11:55
World Dynamics
12:00 - 12:20
12:25 - 1:45
1:50 - 3:00
Reader's/Writer's Workshop
3:05 - 4:15
Reader's/Writer's Workshop

9:00 - 9:45
World Dynamics
9:48 - 10:33
World Dynamics
10:36 - 11:21
Reader's/Writer's Workshop
11:22 - 11:42
11:45 - 12:30
Reader's/Writer's Workshop

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