This page contains resources related to our reading of Ayn Rand's novel Anthem.

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The text of the novel is available for free online through Project Gutenberg in HTML format (one long webpage) and as an online ebook (which has "pages").

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[ Quizzes ]

Use these questions to complete quiz corrections. (Note: for FITB questions, [ ] represents the blank.)
  • Anthem ch. I-V quiz
    1. FITB: “It is [ ] to write this.” (first sentence of the novel)
    2. T/F: International 4-8818 reports Equality 7-2521’s discovery of the tunnel to the City Council.
    3. FITB: Equality 7-2521’s love of Liberty 5-3000 is a crime known as the Transgression of [ ] .
    4. FITB: The transformation of the Unmentionable Times into the current society of the novel is an event known as the [ ] .
    5. FITB: When watching the Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word burn at the stake, Equality 7-2521 thinks he looks like [ ] .
    6. T/F: Equality 7-2521 discovers electricity while experimenting with lightning.
    7. FITB: Equality 7-2521 refers to electricity as the power of [ ] .
    8. FITB: Equality 7-2521 believes that never have men addressed women with the phrase “[ ].”
    9. After creating light in his glass box, what does Equality 7-2521 realize he wants to see?
    10. What does Equality 7-2521 expect the Council of Vocations will do when he reveals his discovery?
  • Anthem ch. VI-XII quiz
    1. What unusual thing does Equality 7-2521 discover about the Palace of Corrective Detention?
    2. FITB: “What is not done collectively cannot be [ ] .”
    3. T/F: After being rejected by the Council of Scholars, Equality 7-2521 escapes to his tunnel.
    4. What does Equality 7-2521 notice when he stops to drink from the stream in the forest?
    5. T/F: The Golden One is able to locate Equality 7-2521 in the Uncharted Forest by following his tracks.
    6. Other than books, name one physical artifact of the Unmentionable Times that Equality 7-2521 and the Golden One discover in the house.
    7. FITB: While reading books found in the house, Equality 7-2521 discovers the word “ [ ].”
    8. FITB: Equality renames himself [ ] .
    9. FITB: Equality renames the Golden One [ ] .
    10. What word does Equality 7-2521 plan to etch into stone above the doorway to his home?