Book Share

[ Overview ]

For this assignment, you will use a creative method of your choice to demonstrate your knowledge of a text.

[ Directions ]

  1. Review the modified list of "55 Ways to Share a Book" (modified by Mr. Coward from "75 Ways to Share a Book" by Suzanne Barchers) and find one that appeals to you. If you have an idea about modifying one of these options, you may discuss it with Mr. Smith. Be aware that depending on the reading, Mr. Smith may eliminate or modify certain items from the list.
  2. Complete the assignment based on the description provided. You may use any and all resources available to you (using proper citations whenever necessary, of course), and you should strive to be as creative and unique as possible. Remember, the purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the text, so be sure to use extensive, specific details from the book as you create your book share. Mr. Wiggs' WOW rubric is an excellent guideline for expectations on this assignment.
  3. Participate in the book share gallery walk. During this time, you will have an opportunity to present your book share to your classmates and view their work as well. You will do reflective writing about what you observed during the gallery walk.
  4. Turn in your book share to Mr. Smith. If it is in a digital format, upload it to Engrade. If it is a physical item, hand it to Mr. Smith directly.

[ Requirements ]

  • You must choose one of the options from the list of "55 Ways to Share a Book." Pay attention to any items eliminated from the list or modified by Mr. Smith.
  • You must create a professional product that demonstrates your knowledge of the text in a unique, creative way.

[ Due Date and Grading ]

Completed book shares will be graded using the Book Share rubric. Depending on the text, they may count toward the Papers and Projects or Tests portions of your grade. Due dates will vary for each text; pay attention to the due date announced by Mr. Smith (and listed on the Class Calendar and Daily Agendas page).