Current Events

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[ Overview ]

For this assignment, you will find a news article that interests you and present it to the class.

[ Directions ]

  1. Skim through several news sources to get a feel for what's going on right now in the world. Suggested (but not required) sources include:
  2. Choose an article (of sufficient length -- see below) that interests you and relates in some way to what we have read and/or discussed in RWWS.
  3. In a Google Document, complete a three-paragraph written response to this article:
    • Paragraph one: a summary of the article.
    • Paragraph two: an explanation (in TPEEA format) of your personal responses/reactions/reflections to the article's content.
    • Paragraph three: an explanation (in TPEEA format) of how this article relates to our studies in RWWS.
  4. Include a properly formatted Works Cited entry for your article that includes the URL (web address) of your article. (Consider using EasyBib or BibMe to help you create this citation, but remember that they are by no means perfect -- double-check what they create carefully using the examples provided by the OWL at Purdue, particularly for electronic sources.)
  5. Format the title of your Google Document as follows: Current Event MM.DD.YYYY (e.g. Current Event 01.26.2013 -- the date you include should be the due date)

[ Requirements ]

  • You must choose a news (i.e. non-fiction) article from a reliable source.
  • Your written response must follow the format described in #3 above. (This means the article you choose must be long enough to warrant a one paragraph summary.)
  • Your summary must be typed, use MLA formatting (i.e. Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spacing, 1-inch margins), and include a Works Cited entry with URL.
  • If selected, you must present your summary to the class. (Not all students will present each week due to time constraints, but all students will eventually present at some point.)

[ Due Date and Grading ]

Current Events summaries are due each week on Friday (unless otherwise specified) and are worth 100 points. They will be graded primarily for completion (i.e. meeting the requirements above), but evidence of effort and level of detail will also be considered. The rubric for this assignment is as follows:
  • Length and completeness -- 70 points
  • Correctly formatted Works Cited entry with URL -- 20 points
  • Conventions and mechanics (i.e. correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar) -- 10 points

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