Daily Agendas

Consult this page to check the warm-ups, class agenda, and homework assignments for each day of the current school week. For past agendas, check the Daily Agenda Archive. For assignment due dates, see also the class calendar.
Note: in the agendas below, PWT stands for Protected Writing Time, a silent class time during which students may work on writing assignments.

[ 05.13.2013 ]

  • Warm-up: "Final review" -- Complete both parts:
    • What is one final English-related question you would like to have answered?
    • What test-taking strategies/tips have you found helpful in the past?
  • RWWS Q&A
  • Share freshman letters
  • Course survey
  • Homework:
    • Get a good night's sleep (8 hours)
    • Eat breakfast tomorrow morning
    • Dress in layers tomorrow
    • Arrive at school no later than 8:45
    • Be confident! You are ready!