Useful Links

Below is a random selection of Mr. Smith's favorite places on the web. Check 'em out!

[ Basics ]

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Use this application to view any ".pdf" files posted on the site. Click on the "Get Adobe Reader" button in the middle of the page to download.
  • Metacalc is a handy online calculator in case you don't have a real one nearby.

[ For Fun ]

  • This American Life A weekly narrative documentary radio show on NPR. If you like hearing weird/interesting/compelling stories about real people presented in a unique, engaging way, This American Life is for you. Also, the host's name is Ira, which is always good.
  • RadioLab Another documentary-style radio show. Each hour-long episode focuses on some science-related topic and presents a variety of stories related to that topic. If This American Life were only about science, it would be RadioLab.
  • Pandora Customizable streaming online radio. Tell Pandora your favorite song or artist, and Pandora will play you more songs like it. It's radio that only plays what you want to hear. Pandora is what makes grading endless stacks of papers bearable for Mr. Smith.