Quiz Corrections

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Follow the instructions below to properly correct a quiz and receive additional credit. Corrections completed properly according to the directions below will earn back half of the points lost on the original quiz/test (e.g. a quiz that originally scored a 75 will, when properly corrected, receive an 88).
Note: if you want to correct a quiz taken on Engrade, see Mr. Smith at a non-class time (e.g. before/after class, before/after school, during seminar, during lunch) so that he can print your completed quiz for you.

  1. Get a separate sheet of looseleaf paper (or start a new OpenOffice document) on which to complete your corrections. Write (or type) your full heading at the top. The assignment name should be "Quiz Corrections" or "Test Corrections" plus the name of the original quiz/test.
  2. On the original quiz/test, find the first question you missed and write out the question on your corrections paper.
  3. Write out the correct answer for the question, as well as a quotation from the text (or, if there is no text, notes or lecture materials -- e.g. a Grammar Bytes slideshow) that supports the correct answer. Instructions for how to correct specific types of questions are as follows:
    • True/False: If the correct answer is "true," write out the true statement. If the correct answer is "false," rewrite the original statement in order to make it true (e.g. "The sky is green" would be rewritten as "The sky is blue").
    • Multiple choice: Write out the correct answer in full (i.e. the letter and the complete answer).
    • Fill in the blank: Write out the entire statement with the correct word(s) in the blank.
    • Matching: Write out the correct match in full (i.e. the correct letter and answer).
    • Short answer: Write the correct answer.
    • Essay questions: Revise your response based on teacher feedback. You do not need to rewrite the entire response; rather, add details and/or corrections as indicated by teacher notes.
    • Vocab quizzes:
      • For part one (definitions), simply write out the word, part of speech, and definition.
      • For part two (FITB), write out the sentence with the correct word in the blank, followed by the part of speech and definition.
  4. Staple your completed corrections to the original quiz/test and turn them in. Corrections submitted without the original quiz/test will NOT be graded.

Please note that the above instructions must be followed exactly in order to receive credit for corrections. Corrections that do not follow any of the directions above will be returned to the student ungraded.

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