Reading Log

[ Directions ]

  1. Download a copy of the Reading Log and complete it as follows for each assigned reading.
    • Summary: Summarize the section you read in 5-7 sentences.
    • Connection: In 3-5 sentences, write a detailed explanation of a text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connection you noticed while reading.
    • Vocabulary: List 5 vocabulary words you did not know with their definitions and parts of speech.
    • Questions: List 1-2 questions (for the author, the characters, your peers, or your teacher) relating to the reading.
    • Reader's Choice: Complete a detailed response to one of the remaining Seven Habits of Effective Readers (Visualizing, Inferring, Predicting, or Synthesizing).
  2. Save your completed reading log as Firstname Lastname - Reading Log - Title X-Y. Replace Title with the title of the book (shortening if necessary) and X-Y with the page numbers this reading log corresponds to. An example reading log completed by John Doe for pages 9-22 of To Kill a Mockingbird would be saved as follows: John Doe - Reading Log - Mockingbird 9-22.
  3. Upload your completed reading log to Engrade under the appropriate assignment.

A note about completeness: NONE of the sections of the reading log may be left blank. In particular, this mean that you must come up with questions of some kind. Even if you (think) you understand the reading perfectly, you could still ask questions of the characters or author.

If you aren't sure about how to complete any of the above steps, check the Seven Habits Reading Questions for more detailed description.