Seven Habits Reading Questions

We will use the questions below as a framework for thinking about and discussing the works of literature we read. When answering these questions, be sure to use complete, detailed sentences.

  1. Visualizing: Which section from the reading were you able to most clearly see in your mind? Draw or describe exactly what you saw, and explain what words and/or phrases made this visualization possible.
  2. Inferring: Based on the information in the reading, what conclusions can you make about the characters? What can you say about their personalities or other characteristics?
  3. Predicting: Based on what you know so far, make at least one prediction about what will happen next. Explain why you made this prediction.
  4. Determining Importance: In your opinion, what are the most important or crucial parts of this section? Explain your choices.
  5. Making Connections: Identify and explain any similarities you see between the reading and...
    • ...other literary works -- e.g. books, poems, movies, TV shows, music, etc (text-to-text).
    • ...your own life (text-to-self).
    • ...the world around you (text-to-world).
  6. Synthesizing: What, in your opinion, is the main point or key idea this reading is trying to relate? (As you answer this question, focus less on plot summary and more on big, abstract ideas.)
  7. Questioning: What questions are you left with after the reading (e.g. for the author, for the characters, about the plot)? What are you unsure of? What would you like more information or answers about?